Excursions Cueva de los Verdes

Excursions Cueva de los Verdes

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Cueva de los Verdes is located approximately one and a half kilometers above Jameos de Agua and constitutes yet another part of the lava cave that runs from La Corona to the ocean.

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Cueva de los Verdes is - fortunately - not designed to be as comfortable as Jameos. In many narrow, almost maze-like cave passages one can admire the architecture that was created by the 7 km flow of lava 5,000 years ago, when the volcano last erupted.

Unfortunately, one is not allowed to enter the cave on one"s own. Instead, one is led into the cave in closed groups. (Don"t leave the group or else you will be forced to explore the cave on your own.)

In this cave, too, there is a little concert hall that is very inviting to simply enjoy because it is such a beautiful space.

Slightly above the Cueva de los Verdes, approximately 1 km up the little road, on the right hand side, there is yet another entrance to the cave system. However, it has not been developed, so if you want to explore it, you must absolutely have flashlights and wear firm shoes.

One can supposedly follow the course of the cave passages to their beginning at the crater of the volcano at Corona.