Apartmentmanager FAQ

Apartmentmanager FAQ

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Frequently asked questions:

Why Apartmentmanager?
The situation in Charco del Palo is that several bookers (for example owners, broker and rental companies, travel agencies and organizers) often access the same apartments. Apartmentmanager makes it possible for every one of these users to access the occupancy schedule of their apartments and to make reservations. The customer data remains carefully protected and the occupancy schedules can only be accessed by someone who can also book an apartment.

Apartmentmanager has been developed specifically for the needs of Charco del Palo. Many of the apartments there are already managed by this program.

What is the difference between Apartmentmanager and other reservation programs?
A reservation program which runs on a computer must of course reconcile its data with all other users. That is exactly what Apartmentmanager does. A single reservation program does not do this and it is also difficult to use table calculations. On the other hand, one does not need expensive systems such as those used in the travel industry. Apartmentmanager has provided an inexpensive solution that is custom-made for the issues facing Charcos.

Can other users access my customer data?
Of course nobody can access your customer data. And yet Apartmentmanager provides intelligent user management, making it possible to determine the rights of each user individually. Sometimes it is important that someone whom you are cooperating with has access to certain data, but otherwise nobody.

How secure is the system?
Apartmentmanager is provided with secure password protection. As a principle, nobody can access information without having the access data. At the same time, this identifies the user unambiguously and their data is also protected from access by others.

Is there something like support or a hotline service?

What kind of hardware and software do I need to run Apartmentmanager?
Apartmentmanager can be run on any system. What you do need is simply an internet connection.

I have only one single apartment; does it still make sense to use Apartmentmanager?
For users who have only one or two apartments, we have a very interesting solution; please contact us.

If I use Apartmentmanager for my apartment(s), who can access my reservation schedules?
If you are the only person who offers these apartments for rent, then nobody else can access your reservation schedules. But if somebody else books guests in your apartment because you have an agreement with him/her, then that person can of course see when your apartment is free and when it is occupied. But nobody else.